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Joanna Hayward

For me, screen printing is not just about transferring an image onto a material. It's about the relationship with the sequence of the process; the physical measuring of colour and chemicals, experimentation with pastes, the pushing and pulling through a screen and the finishing processes. I enjoy these exciting hands-on methods of printing and the end result is a bonus. My work embraces colour and how it can come alive through shape and scale, especially on cloth. Shapes and colour can be as free as you want them to be, and I make the most of playful, contemporary design.


The pieces created can be unexpected, original and solitary, as I tend to use a breakdown printing method which cannot allow me to produce any two pieces alike. I use this method regularly in my prints as the outcome can relate very clearly to her inspiration of deteriorating surfaces such as peeling paint or corroding metal. I enjoy creating raw edges through energetic mark making to deliver an expressive conversation between colour and shape - mainly using milk fibre and silk georgette textile bases as their qualities allow the colours and shapes to become rich and elegant.

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