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Geraldine Lewis

After retiring as an administrator in the educational profession, I have invested my time in my hobby of Patchwork and Quilting. 


I am a textile artist who works with a variety of materials including traditional fabrics such as cotton and less conventional materials, polyester and copper.  These materials give me a wide choice of expressing and interpreting what I view in my local area in Hampshire and other places of interest visited over many holidays in France.


I use my sewing machine for patching together material of all kinds, introducing free motion stitching to enhance a piece of work.  I also use hand-stitch to make pictorial pieces of textile art.  I am comfortable to embody contemporary art-work.  Threads are my artists’ colour pallet: much as a painter would use pastels, acrylic or oils to paint their picture, I use my own textile tools to achieve the same aim as any artist.

My ambition is to bring more awareness of textile art to a wider audience, promoting exhibitions which are purely of a textile structure at the heart of the collection as a manifestation of textile artists' achievements.

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